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NST (Nervous System Training) Sports Performance is our official sports performance training partner. Together, we have put together the most complete system of its kind. 


Through our partnership with NST, we offer high-level and professional programs with experienced and knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge science and technology, guidance in recovery and nutrition, and sport-specific development. In addition, our training space has been updated with a professional line of equipment and training aids, including two turf surfaces for speed and agility work.

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training program

The Edge, in association with NST has a variety of athletic development programs geared towards individual athletes, and sports teams. NST trains teams and individuals that vary in all sports. From football, basketball and volleyball, to swimming, golf, wrestling, and tennis, along with everything in between.

Sports Performance

40yd & 60yd technique

Sports Performance


Sports Performance

& agility

Sports Performance

& Arm care

Sports Performance
Sports Performance

Energy system Development

reaction enhancement

Sports Performance

Balance & Body awareness

Sports Performance


Sports Performance

functional movement

Sports Performance

Postural Body alignment


get a free consultation

Our goal is to not only improve athletes physically but holistically.  We want our athletes to be leaders in the facility as well as in their respective schools and communities.


We would like to extend an offer to you for a free consultation for your child. Just follow the link below, then fill out the athlete’s name, age and primary sport. Our trainers will do an assessment and provide direction on which of our programs suit the athlete best based on their goals.

For more information

Contact Coach Erik at:

or 330-998-3474

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