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flight club

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what is flight club?

Indoor, personalized training for high jumpers and pole vaulters. Both developmental and experienced athletes welcome. Full Pole Vault Runway and pit, and Full High Jump Pit at each session. Video analysis is available during each practice session as well.


The Flight Club was started in 2017 based on the need for area pole vaulters and high jumpers to vault/jump during the winter months and indoor track season. Since beginning with a couple of coaches and a handful of athletes the program has expanded to six coaches and approximately 40 vaulters and high jumpers. We also have “alumni” come back to assist periodically. 


The program is open to all athletes regardless of age, gender or ability. We have beginners to seasoned state-qualifying athletes in the same session. Our sessions usually have 3-4 coaches. Athletes are placed into groups based on their ability level and drills are carried out to get the most out of each athlete. A typical session is two hours long.


Sessions typically begin with a dynamic warm-up with all the athletes participating as a group, and then athletes are separated into their desired disciplines (Vault or High Jump).

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pole vault & high jump training

  7th-12th Grade CO-ED + Beginner to Advanced Athletes  


pole vault group

In the Pole Vault group, one group will work on the runway while the other group rotates through stations. Stations consist of drills that focus on the plant, run, pole drop, swing, turn, and the push. We incorporate gymnastics, plyometrics, and ab work into our sessions. 


High jump group

In the High Jump group, all athletes take part in the designed workout of the day. These workouts incorporate event-specific warm-ups and drills that go along with and progress through the monthly circuit. The circuits include Conditioning, Approach, Take Off, and Flight themes.

Training Programs

Schedule & registration

Tuesday Group


Every Tuesday

November 7, 2023 through February 27, 2024


Sundays Group


Every Sunday

November 5, 2023 through February 25, 2024


Sunday + Tuesday

 Sun 12pm-2pm + Tue 3pm-5pm 

Every Sunday and Tuesday

November 5, 2023 through February 2024


2024 pole vault & high jump meet

The Edge Sports & Arts Academy will open Sunday, January 21, 2024 at 12:45 pm (Coaches please do not arrive sooner). Spectators are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of their athlete’s competition and are asked to leave no later than 15 minutes after their athlete’s competition is over. All spectators will enter through the main entrance.

facility & meet information

  • All coaches, athletes and poles will enter through the garage door on the left side of the facility

  • One coach per athlete or coaching staff if club-affiliated

  • Girls will compete first followed by boys

  • Girls pole vault and high jump warmup will be 12:45-1:30pm

  • Boy’s warmup starts immediately after girl’s competition is over (approximately 3:45pm) and will also last 45 minutes

  • High Jump will be conducted on the turf field area at The Edge

  • 105’ runway is raised up on a 2x10 frame covered with plywood with rollout rubber runway on top

  • Girls pole vault height increments-6’, 7’, 8’,8’6, 9’, 9’6,10’, 10’6, 11’, 11’4, 11’8…4” thereafter

  • Boys pole vault height increments-9’, 10’, 11’, 11’6, 12’, 12’6, 13’, 13’4, 13’8…4” thereafter

  • Girls high jump height increments-4’, 4’3, 4’6, 4’8, 4’10, 5’, 5’1…1” thereafter

  • Boys high jump height increments-5’, 5’3, 5’6, 5’8, 5’10, 6’, 6’1…1” thereafter

  • Athletes must sign and bring waiver form to compete

  • Please bring your own water


pole vault_edited.jpg



Sunday January 21, 2024

$25 per athlete

Entry is limited to 20 athletes per gender

mile split

All athletes must Register to Mile Split to look for all meet standings at: Results will be posted on Ohio Mile split following the completion of the Meet.

Flight Club Attendees


state qualifiers

Marissa Ratliff
North Royalton HS
Kayla Kephart
Revere HS

high jump
Regional Qualifiers

Jadyn James
Twinsburg HS
Caterina Cavallero
Walsh HS
Andrew Farrow

Pole vault
Regional Qualifiers

Jessica Mason
Brecksville HS
CeCe Radicelli
Twinsburg HS
Lily Baker
Stow HS
Shaniya Phillips
Nordonia HS
Alex Bzdafka
Solon HS
Ben Stockdale
Aurora HS
Mason Arth
Mayfield HS
Josh Schiopota
Twinsburg HS
Jeremiah Lamon
Twinsburg HS

For more information

Contact Veronica Curry at:

or 330-487-0452

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